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Planetary Jacket coo

Electromagnetic Heating Jacketed Kettle

Name:Electromagnetic Heating Jacketed Kettle
Details :

1. adopts stainless steel pot body, and all of components contacted with food are made of stainless steel and polished;

2. Mixing system adopts combination of rotation and revolution, its transmission ratio is not integer ratio to ensure no stirring dead angle in the pot.

3. The automatic/hydraulic type of this equipment turns over the mixing arm and tilts the pot through hydraulic force. Mixer is free of dismantling. It is convenient to load and discharge materials and saves labor.

4. Adopting stepless frequency regulator evenly mix high viscous foods and improve the quality of heating. And the mixing speed can be adjustable;

5。 The scrapers is made of PTFE or teflon;

6。 It features simple operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure and easy maintenance, etc。 and has excellent performance。 

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